Saturday, March 03, 2007

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Monday, February 26, 2007


That's right, you heard correct!

I'm back and forget what you've read before.

She who must never be talked about on this blog ever again is dating a clone now! A freaking clone. Never the less, she will die soon enough.

On the bright side, I am now free to do my master's wishes. And that of my co-ruler, as well.

Who is my co-ruler, well you shall find out soon enough.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'll call if I want to

I tryed several time to get a hold of Kriss.

Before hearing "Excuse me?" Kriss stated before standing before the holoprojector.

"You heard me. Stop calling me, Darth, woman! My name is Vader!" I told her as I waited her to do so.

I sent her 70 messages asking her to meet with me. But knowing her, she mistook most of them for threats or worse. Now I'm not that bad of guy, well I am but not to the women in my life. Yes there have been more then one and no I won't go into detail about them.

"Aren't you a 'Darth'?" she asked glumly.

I crossed mys arms and as I glared at her. "All Sith Lords are 'Darth' something or another, Jedi. My name is Vader. V.a.d.e.r." I told her.

She rolled her eyes, before saying "And who came up with that name?"

I shifted my weight before saying "Palp- Sidious did."

I almost told her something she could have taken to the council. Not that it matters, in a few months all that the Jedi know and hold dear will be gone.

"It's interesting. What does it mean?" she asked.

After thinking about it I replyed "Invader or something."

I heard her take a deep breath before say "Okay, VADER, let's get this over with. Clear the air. What's up the holos? The remarks, the roses, following me around, and the- " then she stopped, looked for something then when on to say. "The Imperial brownies? By the way, those were very good, thank you. Oh, and is that you I keep seeing flying around here?"

I stood there with my arms crossed listening to her before say "What order do you want those answered in?"

I stood there waiting for her reply. Then noticed that she was reaching for the console before she hotly stated "Hanging up now-"

"Don't you dare! I'll pop-" I told her as she cut me off saying "If you say it, I swear, I'm going to forget I'm Jedi, fly myself through a time worm hole, board your ship and beat your helmet in!"

"Your head off," I stated calmly waiting for her to say that she was coming.

When she didn't say anything, I quickly stated "Meet me and I'll answer you."

"Meet you? Are you mad? I've seen enough of you for a lifetime! You are a serious pain in my Republic backside!" She flatly stated.

I tried to laugh before saying "Not very Jedi of you."

"Like you would know," she fired back.

"Oh, I know." I told her "More than you know."

"I hate it when you say that! 'More than you know',” she mocking stated "Just tell me all ready!" she begged.

"Meet me and maybe I'll tell you." I told her again.

"If I meet you will you say whatever you have to say and leave me alone after that?" she asked.

"No." I answered back.

"Do you have to be maddening?” she asked as I lightly laughed.

"Fine! I'll meet you. One time, that's it. Somewhere private, I don't need anyone seeing me with you. I get enough grief about the date and that party you crashed," she quickly said.

"Just let me pick the place and the time." she stated.

"Fine." I answered her back.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Just Shut Up!

"See, that was so hard," my younger self said.

"Shut up!"

"Well, it wasn’t!"

"Shut up!" I angrily fired back.

"But it was nice of you," he said.

"I said, SHUT UP!"

"Well, at least you didn’t have to kiss her," he told him.

"What part of SHUT UP do you not understand?" I screamed, banging my fist on the table.

"I know what 'up' means," he muttered.

I sat there drumming my fingers. "I knew there was a day you missed class."

"I missed a lot of class, if you remember," he replied.

"Half of that was because of the silly little girl Kriss, was it not?" I asked, annoyed.

He was quiet for a magnificent moment. "Not completely. It because of the cookies, too."

"Did you have to bring up those dried up, leather tasting cookies," I spat.

"Well, you would know about the taste of leather," my younger said with a smirk in his voice.

"And you know this how?" I asked as I continued to drum my fingers across the table.

"As I recall we had a special interest in leather and that's all I'm saying."

"And as I recall you had a special interest in those ridiculous cookies!" I said angrily.

My younger self snorted in my head. "This whole conversation is over giving a girl a rose? You really need to get out more."

"And I thought I told you to SHUP UP!" I screamed.

"Not so loud! It echoes in here, you know?" he told me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Pub

“Sir we found her!” a tech said.

“Where?” I asked while tapping my foot

‘Aren’t you going to thank him for his hard work?’ asked my younger self as I as tapped my foot louder.

“She and that one clone are in a pub on Coruscant.” the tech stated.

As I flew down to this pub I started drumming my fingers on controls of the ship.

‘Now what wrong?’ My younger self asked as I shook my head.

“As if you didn’t know!” I fired back.

‘But your going to see her!” my younger self said.

“I know!” I fired back to him and waited.

‘Well you don’t have to get mad at me.’ my younger self stated.

“You’re the one who left her, not me.” I fired back thinking this wasn’t get us anywhere.

‘What?’ my younger self asked.

“You know what I mean.” I stated back and waited.

‘Are you still mad because you didn’t stay with mom?’ my younger self asked.

I nodded my head and watched as the ship slowly closed in on the planet and dock near the pub.

After the ship was docked, I exited and went looking for the pub. Which didn’t take much to spot it.

‘Your going to properly greet her now, right?’ my younger self asked as I entered and spotted her, I stood there watching her for a few seconds before she whip around on her stool and then asked "Are you following me?"

‘Not when she doesn’t.’ I told him.

"You gave me the wrong picture negative, Jedi," I stated as I got angry.

Before I knew it she was poking at buttons on my suit "I did too! What does this red one do?" as she reached for it and I caught her arm.

‘Oh look she wants to play,’ my younger self stated.

"It turns off my air conditioning. You gave me a picture of the riddle monkey and some blond." I told her.

Then I heard a female voice say "Lord Vader!"

‘Oh look your popular guy.’ my younger self said as I turned towards the voice in surprise that any woman would dare call out to me. As I turned I notced that Kriss was trying to stick her fingers under my helmet.

I slapped her arm and then stated "Do that again, woman and I'll pop your head!"

‘Why did you have to do that!? She nice, isn’t she?’ my younger self was quick to say as I turned towards this woman clone "As you for you, I'm going to pretend I didn't see you. I'm might be sick otherwise. Cover your stomach if you can't advertise for the Empire instead of that silly tattoo!"

I then heard Kriss laughing behind me. I turned around and stated "You're wasted!"

‘Is that the nicest thing you can say to her.’ my younger self asked as she raised her glass and said "I am not. I've only had one drink! I haven't finished it yet, either!"

"Disgraceful!" I spat.

‘So you say,’ my younger self stated.

Then she started to poke me again only this time it hard in the gut then said sweetly "You know, buster, you really need to stop acting like some one sat in your Imperial Cornflakes all the time!"

"My Imperial what?" I asked.

"Imperial Cornflakes! The Cereal! By the Force, what rock have you been under?" she asked.

‘You can’t even tell her how pretty she is, what try of guy are you?’ my younger self asked as I slowly going to point that out but I heard Kriss, this woman clone and a new guy all start laughing.

‘Join in, it will do you good.’ my younger self joking said.

I then realized who was with them, "Sith Spawn! Is that Obi-Wa- " I started to say as Kriss placed her hand over my mouthpiece.

"You mentioned a picture?" she said smiling.

"Uh, yes. You know which one. Get to me or I'll pop your head!" I muttered under hand hand.

"You need a drink. Here," she said as she shoved a Sith Slammer into my hand.
‘Aren’t you going to thank her for the drink?’ my younger self asked. As I reflected on how I was to drink this anyway. Then she grabbed a straw and said "Here, this should help."

‘Aren’t you going to thank her for doing that for you?’ my younger self asked.

I slowly moved the straw through the opening do started to drink. It had been a long time since I had a Sith Slammer that it brought a smile to my face. That I didn’t realize that I was slurping very loudly.

I then feel her pat my hand and say "You just enjoy that. It's my friend's birthday today and we have to go!" as she grabbed Tak and pulled her off the stool, leaving me standing there with straw still stuck in my helmet.

I pulled out the straw and stormed out of the pub.

My younger self stating ‘You didn’t get your picture did you?’

I shook my head and went back towards my ship.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wrong picture, Jedi!

'You know she’s going to be on the ship today,' a younger happier version of Anakin said.

'I know,' I told myself as I walked a hallway and came face to face (well helmet to helmet) to 24 storm troopers and one very innocent looking Jedi. Not for long I thought as I approached them.

"All of you to your stations NOW!" I yelled and stood there watching as the storm troopers cleared the hall. There were a few who slapped her hinny. 'It’s too bad that your not one of them and could do that to her,' my younger self said.

'Shut up!' I told myself as I stepped closer to her.

"I'm waiting," I said as my younger self said 'Why didn't you say hi or at least it good to see you again.'

"I don't have it," Dark JedI Kriss answered.

"Yes, you do!" I barked as my younger self said ‘Now that’s no way to treat a friend.’

"I don't. I forgot it," she said.

‘This woman is no friend of mine.’ I told myself as I stated to tap my foot.

She sighs and said "All right all ready! Here!" as she slowly hands over the negative that I wanted.

‘You should thank her for giving that to you.’ my younger self quickly said.

"Happy now? Well, you stop sending me holos telling me you're going to pop my head off?" She asked as my younger self stated ‘You better tell her yes.’

"No," I answered, snatching the holo and spinning on my heel as my younger self yelled ‘Aren’t you going to say anything nice to her? Or thank her for the picture?‘ as I started to round the corner and I paused, looking back at her. "You look very pretty today.” As I left my younger self said ‘See, that wasn’t so hard.’

‘Shut up!’ I told myself as I walked towards my mediation chambers to view the picture.

As I entered and sat down to view the picture I hear ‘Won’t it be neat if she switched the pictures on you to go out with you?’ my younger self asked. ‘No, it wouldn’t.’ I answered.

As the picture loads onto the viewer…

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“Sithspawn!” I yell and I hear my younger self say ‘See I told you so.’

“Do not take the name of the Sith in vain, Lord Vader.” I hear over my shoulder. ’Oh, great who gave him access to this room?’ my younger self said then quietly shut up.

“Sorry Master!” I quickly said as I tried to quickly turn off the picture that I was viewing.

“Leave the picture up, Lord Vader. I like looking in the face of our old enemy .” My Master said, then asked “Where did you get this picture at?”

’You should have not let him see that picture now he’s going to know you failed. And after that he’s going to make you finish the job.’ My younger self quietly reminded me.

“I found it on one of the Jedi’s you had me kill.” I lied as I got up to leave.

As I waited for the holodisk and the door to open I heard my younger self say ‘Your not going to tell him about her are you?’

‘No’ I growled back.

As the door closed "Someone find that JedI, NOW!" I yelled as I stormed down the hallways.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Random thoughts

There once was a woman who worked in the Jedi temple and there's only one thing I want from's that photo of me with Mr. Snuggles.

I will ripe off her head if she doesn't give me what I want.

Maybe you should consiider dating her!

Sounds like something Ani would say, I reminded myself that I was no longer him nor would I want be him again.

For now I will send her holo's in hopes to get that photo back.

What do I know about her so far is that she likes stalking Skywalker but how do I use that to my own purpose. Oh I could think of a few, one being she likes to take photos of him.